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Friday, 23 September 2011

u want responsibility? here.. i give u one, dear..

oooohh.. so much things happened after i published my wish to get married =b the very unexpected one and it's like a training for me to accept all the responsibilities that i always fantasies =b

jangan pulak igt tetiba ad anak raja masuk of course not..things like that only happened in dreams and fairy tale story =b hahhaa

all the responsibilities and the feelings that almost all the parents have, i think i have felt that =b (cakap mcm mak cik2 da ad ank berderet2 -_-" )

to summarize;

  • adik dah pilih tempat blaja's a part time at utm jalan semarak and i'll be his driver =b hehehe.. it's ok dear.. as u were born after me, so it's my responsibility to look after u (',~) <3 every week of ulang alik from lcct--> kl--> upm--> lcct.. who wants to dare me? =b ngeh3.. yeah... tired is a must.. but i pray that my bro have the spirit and strength to finish all this.. 3 years to go...loongggg wayyyy to foresee... gambatte neee big 'lil bro' =b hehehe
  • kejadian di hujung bulan puasa? ooohh.. nnt kalo rajin cite... pengajaran paling berharga n mahal kott.. -_-" huhuhuhu
  • research? ok..tutup blog sekarang jugak!!!! =((

selamat hari raya!!!! ^^ not too late to wish, rite? =b hahhaa

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