aminkan doa saya ^^


Tuesday, 12 November 2013

bulatan kecil..bulatan besar...

i don't feel to meet people..
i don't want the time passed by..
i don't want to hear any critics..
i don't want to listen to soothing words..
i don't want to do anything!

all i want is
to meet doraemon (R.I.P) :P
to send me a stop watch
to stop everything and everyone around me
so that i'll have enough time
to clear all the mess i've created

a 'pintu suka hati' will do also
i want to meet me from 4 years back
to tell about all the sequences and obstacles
i'm going to tell myself to be extra careful
or just saying
"STOP!!! u gotta ruin yourself! "

or is it better for me
to use the door
and have a poke of my life
5 years later?

as if life's that easy.. sigh....